2 juin 2020

Webinar – Sky’s the Limit: COVID-19 and the airline industry

Some sectors of the economy have been harder hit by COVID-19 than others and the airline industry could be one of the most damaged. We take an in-depth look at the questions our airline clients are now asking us in the wake of these deeply challenging times for the industry. Ius Laboris employment law firms…

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20 mai 2020

Liaisons Sociales Formation – Restructuration d’entreprise 2020

Guillaume Bordier, Thomas Salome, avocats associés, Alix Combes, senior associate et Laurent Guerder, collaborateur Capstan Avocats, interviendront le 1er et 2 juillet de 9h à 17h30, sur la restructuration d’entreprise, lors de la formation Liaisons Sociales.   Dates :  Mercredi 1er juillet 2020 Jeudi 2 juillet 2020 Heure : de 9h à 17h30 Lieu : Centre d’affaires Emergence Opéra, Paris 9e   Intervenants : Guillaume Bordier, avocat associé Capstan Avocats Paris Thomas Salome, avocat associé Capstan Avocats Paris Alix Combes, senior…

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4 mai 2020

Webinar – Restructuring companies in Europe in the wake of COVID-19

The economic effects of the coronavirus are being felt by many companies across Europe, leading some to consider how well their businesses are shaped to meet future challenges. With 20 years of experience of managing international restructuring projects across Europe, Ius Laboris lawyers explore key points for employers. Ius Laboris employment law firms participating in…

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